La Virée Trad Festival
An immersion in Québec’s living heritage

Are you simply itching to come to the Virée Trad at Carleton-sur-Mer, in the Baie-des-Chaleurs area in the Gaspésie region? To be on the floor of the Gaspésie Convention Centre with 400 dancers for the Friday fling, to see some fifteen indoor or outdoor shows (music, traditional singing and dancing, tales and legends), to peruse and use what 56 producers and artisans make at the largest market in Gaspésie, participate in various workshops (podorythmy, gigging, violin playing) and having fun on the various courses of the Satourne circus school from Rimouski or visiting an exhibition?
You’re not the only one!
More than 7000 festival goers show up at Carleton-sur-Mer on Thanksgiving weekend. Nestled between mountain and sea, Carleton-sur-Mer welcomes festival goers in a breathtaking site. Not only that, but before seeing the city outline, there is a palette of magnificent colours along the highway, which is so typical of fall! But it is not enough to feast your eyes, you also have to feast your body. There is a restaurant service just for you with food prepared by the bakery-pastry shop La Mie Véritable, featuring regional products. Aromas and flavours of yesterday, good times around a mouth-watering meal, accompanied by traditional music, smiling festival goers and the organization committee spanning several generations.


Dogs (except guide dogs) must stay outside the site